The people of St. Marys are proud of their past and look forward to the future with enthusiasm and excitement. Our descendants are primarily of German, English and Irish decent. Our heritage gives us an uncompromising work ethic and a strong sense of moral value and purpose.

The newly constructed Memorial High School has a beautiful Performing Arts Center where the community enjoys frequent band and choral concerts as well as theatrical productions are enjoyed.

Arts Place, located in downtown St. Marys offers our community a fine portrayal of both local and regional artist exhibits, fully enhancing an ever growing need for adult and children based art activities.

The College Community Arts Council sponsors programs throughout the year such as the Irish step dancing, jazz trio, Silver Corner Band, the Dayton Philharmonic String Quartet, a saxophone orchestra, and more.

Civic pride is important in St. Marys and our residents have many opportunities to be involved in the community. Community projects have provided us with the replica canal boat, covered bridge, a grotto along the St. Marys River and several tributes to our Veterans.